About Me

I have been a massage therapist for  just over 20 years professionally. I have approximately 1000 hours of basic training and another 2,650 hours of advance training. I Graduated from Nevada School of Massage, in 2000 and prior to this I attended Santa Monica School of Massage in California, and graduated in August of 1998.  I have worked in spas, for chiropractors and have had my own private practice for a number of years. Since 2003, I have continued my education in various techniques.

 I attended classes through Upledger Institute and studied Neuromuscular Therapy  through Judith Delaney and received certification in 2005.  Visercal Manipulation through Upledger. Training with St. John Neuromuscular and training with David Kent. I went and received certification in Medical Massage through David Luther in 2006. Manual Lymphatic Drainage through Vodder school of Lymphedema.  Have training through Dr. Eric Thompson for Orthopedic massage (San Francisco, Ca) and James Walaskie, 2004, 2009, 2016.   MyoSkeletal Alignment training through Dr. Erik Dalton, 2004- 2005 and 2010 to complete certification. Intensive training for  Raindrop Technique through the Care program,(Center for Aromatherapy, research and education), Advance training in  Emotional Release in 2010.  Rossiter  technique in 2009. January of 2011, Advance training in Medical Massage Techniques and in March 2011, Contemporary Cupping.  In April of 2011 I received training in tuning forks-vibrational therapy.  I have taken classes in Thai massage, pregnancy and additional training in caring for those with cancers and for the elderly community. I am presently begining further training in PTSD. Heart Sync Training Through Dr Andy Miller.

I combine techniques when I work. I customize each treatment to fit the needs of my clients and patients. I usually do not use just one technique.  This is why I didn't price all of the work I do, as everything is combined.  Energy work, trager work are always combined.  I look at what I do as if I were composing a symphony, giving you my best.  I also use an Infrared mat and do not charge my clients or patients for the use of it during a treatment.

On a personal note, I have experienced pain through an auto accident. I believe this has increased my ability to have more understanding, compassion and understanding tolerance.  I have always made it a practice to establish a relationship with everyone who comes to see me., having taken the stand that "I never impose pain, "just expose it" and have set the purpose to always communicate and listen to my clients needs and desires, and to find a way to make some of the work I do less painful.  I feel I have achieved this in many ways.

When your suffering from an auto accident, repetitive motion stresses, or just everyday stress, it is important to take time to evaluate everyone, with the same respect and care, but treatment is not always the same.  I work within a network of other health professionals and will always refer out if I am unable to help you. 

I am State licensed and insured.  I have previously been licensed in Nevada and state licensed in Arizona.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 208 703-5902